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We are a fresh company made up of professionals who have been around the block and around the business world.

Our purpose at ADD3R is to provide our solutions-oriented development to assist your small to mid-sized business. Whether you need technical or media solutions to a business challenge, we are here to help. If your need is small or large we can bring the appropriate resources to the task. In addition to our technical knowledge and experience, we are still a small company, with low overhead. This means we can effect meaningful change for your enterprise, even on a modest budget.

At ADD3R.COM, the cornerstone of our solution-oriented, customer- focused development is our methodology. We care so much about doing the job well, doing it right each time, that we named the company after our process. When we take on a project, we use time-tested, "best practice" methods to find the right solution for our clients. Our iterative development process divides the project into small parts, allowing us to demonstrate results and obtain valuable feedback early and often in the process. This is a proven method which provides a greater chance of successful outcome. When you begin a project with ADD3R, we respond to your requirements with a programmatic approach towards identifying your opportunities or challenges, determining the needs, the audience, potential solutions, and challenges or risks to achieving those solutions. We use experienced resources to help you decide on a course of action appropriate to your needs. We then Design and Develop using deliverables as ways to assess the solutions early and often in the process. During these Review sessions, our clients' input is fed back into the design so that solutions are released well-suited for their intended purpose.